As a writer-producer, achieving flexibility in one’s career is undoubtedly a notable accomplishment, and being the son of such a person is another level of privilege. Although there are numerous writers and producers worldwide, only a few have achieved the distinction of being both at the same time.

Duke Kenneth, the son of a renowned writer-producer, has gained popularity due to his connection with his mother. However, there is no shame in receiving fame with the assistance of one’s parents who aided in achieving such recognition.

Read on to discover more about Duke Kenneth and his celebrated mother, a writer and a producer.

Personal Biography

Duke Kenneth, a Gemini, was born on June 18, 2002, making him a charming and distinguished 19-year-old. Duke Kenneth is the only child of Justine Bateman, a writer and a producer, and Mark Fluent, a reputable member of the U.S. real estate industry, holding a distinguished position in Deutsche Bank.

Being Justine Bateman’s son, Duke is also a member of the Bateman Family, one of the most distinguished families in the United States. Justine Bateman is renowned and respected for her work as a writer and producer, as her work has never been met with criticism. Nevertheless, no official information about Duke Kenneth Fluent has been made public yet.

Professional Biography

Since Duke is only 19 years old, it is difficult to speculate about his career or potential professional choices. Coming from a family of powerful and influential individuals, he may also pursue a lucrative career.

From his parents to his grandparents, every member of Duke’s family has been influential and powerful, earning recognition throughout the United States. As a result, Duke is often the center of attention at any gathering, including those with his parents and even his grandparents.

Educational Biography

Given Duke’s age, he may have completed his high school studies, allowing him to choose a college to attend. However, no such announcement has been made, so summarizing specific details about his education is not possible.

Facts & Net Worth

Duke Kenneth Fluent is only 19 years old, without any background leading to any income source or professional life. Therefore, no information about his net worth is available. However, his mother’s net worth has been officially estimated at around 5 million dollars, solely due to her professional career as a writer and producer.